Neale Sourna's Sales Catalog/Catalogue

NEALE SOURNA's Sales Catalog/Catalogue

Love is an everyday affair, so surprise your partner with a new book in hand, a new ebook on their reader from Neale Sourna and PIE: Perception Is Everything, because love is everything. But you already know that.

Ever have a story make you FEEL GREAT?

--"I started reading Neale's "Hobble," and then lent it to my wife; I haven't been able to get it back!! --Married in Cleveland

IMAGINE sitting down to read a story that not only AROUSES your mind, but your body and spirit as well. "Food for the mind" someone said and "Food for the soul" another, I WRITE FOR THE ENTIRE BEING. Love is not one flavor but many, so is lovemaking.

I love writing, I write to love.

In fact, I have a challenge for you; READ JUST FIVE PAGES of any of my STORIES, and if it doesn't CHANGE how you feel, and MAKE YOU FEEL different and more alive than when you started, then walk away, but if your PULSE is racing, and the heat and the wet are getting noticable, then BUY NOW!!

Welcome to great fiction, great characters, hot seduction, true romance, and your money's worth. Look around, read, enjoy, and buy, then read some more; and come back often for the new, the fantastic, and the wonderful. --Neale, Cleveland, Ohio USA

PIE/Neale Trade Paperbacks AVAILABLE ONLINE or through YOUR LOCAL BOOKSTORE--just ASK THEM TO ORDER IT for you.

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HOBBLE [An Adult Novel]


Half Native American medical professional BENNET GILLESPIE'S "off track" life dangerously spirals, as his compulsive and sexual, love entanglement with DAY, a "knife-happy" African American "innocent", and her overbearing, elderly British "guardian" threatens to cost Benn more than his life.


[NCAD -- An Adult Serial]

North Catalog/BUY Volumes 1 & 2

NCAD is Adult Erotic Fetish Fiction, usually one extended short story per issue, under the theme of diary/journal entries of an academic community.

ENTER North Coast Academy

Our doors are w i d e OPEN.


"Steve's Monkey's Paw & MORE" [short stories and more] is now AVAILABLE in its extended form through your local and online book dealers.

Ebooks -- Adobe, MSReader BUY

Trade paperback, 104 pages -- only US$3.95!! -- whereever paperbacks are sold.

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"Steve's Monkey's Paw & MORE"

STEVE is a horrid bad boy, envious of friend ALEX’s turn-around attitude with his soon-to-be new love, KARA, but grandma’s monkey’s paw, gives Steve complete control over anyone he wants; even Alex’s sweet new lady, a virgin; against her will....

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Steve at Libidinous 1

Rating: Hard, Red Hot! Buy anywhere online or at your local bookstore,

or BUY here!


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Hey Lover: Ever lie for romance? Ever been lied to in the name of love? Tell me about it in my open blog Romance Lies at And, remember shop for Neale Sourna/PIE: Percept products online and in-store, most are 25% or more off! Telling your story and buying a great book to read to your lover is better and longer lasting than chocolate and flowers. What a fantastic gift for your own personal love holidays! You do have more than one, don't you? --Neale

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